We have been implementing challenging projects for well-known customers for 30 years.

In doing so we have always placed great importance on long-term cooperation.


This is a selection of customers who trust TBiQ:

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is responsible for air traffic control in the Federal Republic of Germany.
In addition to this core task, DFS has further tasks that are regulated in the German Air Traffic Act (Luftverkehrsgesetz – LuftVG). This includes the renewal and maintenance of the technical systems, air traffic information and the preparation of air traffic maps.
DFS operates globally as a full service partner in all topics relating to air traffic management through its subsidiary, DFS Aviation Services.

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The Dutch air traffic control (Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland) is responsible for the air traffic control in the Netherlands.
In addition to this core task, LVNL has further tasks that are regulated in Dutch air traffic law. This includes the renewal and maintenance of the technical systems, air traffic information and the preparation of air traffic maps.

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Bremenports manages the infrastructure of the port group Bremen/Bremerhaven. It is responsible for port development, planning, construction and maintenance. Bremenports also markets its know-how in Germany and abroad and is therefore a global project partner.

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The Landesarchiv NRW is the "memory" of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It takes over, stores, supplements and preserves documents on its history. The Landesarchiv NRW maintains three regional departments at the locations Duisburg (Rhineland Department) Münster (Westphalia Department) and Detmold (East Westphalia-Lippe Department). The regional departments of the Landesarchiv are the direct contacts for users and authorities.

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viadonau is the leading international waterways operator in the Danube region. With the professional knowledge of its experts in infrastructure management, shipping and logistics as well as electronic information and navigation systems, flood protection and ecological waterways engineering, the company provides services for the public sector, commercial operations, holiday makers and residents along the Danube in Austria.


As in-house operations of the town Jena, Kommunale Immobilien Jena (Jena Municipal Properties) provides all necessary services throughout the whole life cycle of urban areas and buildings – from the concept to the implementation, the operation and sometimes also the conversion of properties. Kommunale Immobilien Jena sees itself as an economically run business that creates and retains values for the city of Jena.


RAG Aktiengesellschaft (former Ruhrkohle AG) is a German company domiciled in Essen.
After discontinuing coal production in Germany, RAG assumed the responsibility for handling the aftermath of mining in the Ruhr region. This includes permanent tasks (pit water maintenance, polder measures above ground, groundwater filtering and monitoring) as well as tasks resulting from mining damage to buildings, plots of land or roads, the remediation of disused shafts and the removal of operating systems.


The 1200 years old pilgrimage town of Telgte has almost 20,000 inhabitants and is located in the district of Warendorf in Münsterland (North Rhine-Westphalia). It lies directly on the river Ems and is well-known far beyond the borders of Münsterland for its beautiful old town, important museums and attractive cycle paths.

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CURRENTA manages and operates one of the largest chemical sites in Europe: CHEMPARK with its sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen.

The company offers more than 1,000 chemical-related services on an area of around eleven square kilometres. These include supply and disposal services, safety, infrastructure, analytics, training, logistics and maintenance.


Magdeburg, the capital of Saxony-Anhalt, impresses with its historical heritage such as the imposing cathedral. The old town with its picturesque flair harmonizes with modern industry and science, represented by Otto von Guericke University. Green oases such as the Elbauenpark offer relaxation, while cultural highlights, including theaters and museums, underline the city's versatility. Magdeburg presents itself as a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity.

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