WebGIS –
Perfect for all desires and needs.

WebGIS Development. Professional, agile, custom-fit.

Our mission: developing WebGIS applications in which our customers feel at home. We achieve this in the most diverse branches and varied customer requirements thanks to the extensive experience of our colleagues.

We work out solutions on a uniform software base for all customers’ projects. This way independent plug-ins can be developed for customer specific requirements at any time and integrated in the entire system.

Control Center

WebGIS administrators like the extensive browser-based backend system “Control Center”. It allows the complete and intuitive configuration of the application

  • Administration of users, roles and rights
  • Data sources, themes, map levels
  • Comprehensive symbolisation system for vector levels
  • Definition of metadata catalogues
  • Extensive application settings
  • Adaptation to the Corporate Design of the customer

Advanced Technology and Interfaces

When developing our solutions we use the most modern and efficient components and frameworks available on the market as open source solutions.

  • React with TypeScript for the client development in front and backend
  • Node.js with TypeScript for the server programming
  • Rest and GraphQL as interface technology
  • OpenLayers as map components
  • Material-UI for the design of the interfaces
  • PostgreSQL / PostGIS as open source database for configuration and Geodata

Alongside the ISO/OGC conform data sources like WMS/WFS we have built powerful native support for PostGIS data sources that leaves nothing to be desired.

The use of Docker Containers makes our WebGIS applications flexible, easy to deploy and ever Cloud ready!

Geoportals –
door opener to the world of Geodata.

Whoever wants to make Geodata available, accessible and usable for others has no way around a Geoportal. We develop the individual components for it, module-based.

This way portals of any application domain can be realised fast, cost-effectively and reliably.


Geoportals are for us anything but new territory.

We have extensive experience of business processes for customers who are responsible for extensive heterogeneous infrastructures. That makes us the ideal partner for the implementation of your projects.

You yourself come from a development environment and want to profit from our wealth of experience using state-of-the-art technology?
Here as well we gladly offer - from developer to developer - workshops and tips for best practices.


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