Add KML files to dgn as easy as pie.

Importing geo-referenced data to MicroStation CONNECT –
Simple and precise fit.

Those who are not lucky enough to obtain their geographic data from a single, standardized source are often confronted with a variety of different data formats.

For the widely used KML format from Google, MicroStation unfortunately does not offer an import function out of the box. But don't worry, TBiQ provides a remedy.

Introducing KMLImport, our tool for transferring KML and KMZ files into MicroStation design files. Its intuitive configuration interface makes it easy for you to create KML data as exactly the MicroStation elements you want to process in your design files.


KMLImport convinces with its simple operation and is nevertheless highly configurable.

Perfectly set to KML datasets.

Which elements are placed on which layers? Should points be placed as cells? In what way will additional attributes of the placemarks be taken into account?

With just a few clicks, you define in the tool's graphical user interface how you want to integrate the selected KML file into your design files. You save the settings and then use the configuration for all similar KML files. We think: It couldn't be less complicated.

Get your free trial license.

Customers such as Deutsche Flugsicherung in Frankfurt successfully use the tool for recurring KML/KMZ import processes.


Convince yourself of the efficiency of our software and request a free demo version.


You will receive a 30-day trial license of KMLImport including detailed instructions for installation and operation.


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