Optimal onboarding of point data in ASCII format.

Import georeferenced point data to MicroStation CONNECT –
fast and convenient.

Do you want to quickly and easily import survey data recorded in the field into MicroStation and process it immediately? This is hardly possible with MicroStation's on-board tools alone.

That's why TBiQ has developed the right tool for this challenge: ImportPoints.

With this tool you place the read-in 3D point data as points, symbols or cells with freely definable symbology and optionally connect them with each other by linestrings. In addition, you can automatically attach texts to the points, e.g. elevation notes from the Z-value to elevation points, point number, etc..


ImportPoints offers many configuration options and yet is easy to use and fast in the import process.

Seamlessly import point data into DGN files. It's that simple.

Step 1: You define how the format-bound or character-separated source file is structured. This allows any line-based source file, however structured, to be read in with the tool.

Step 2: You define how the point data should be transformed into MicroStation elements (type, layer, symbology, text labels, etc.).

That's all there is to it. Now you can start importing into your design files.

Particularly convenient: You save the defined settings and then use the configuration at any time for all similar point files. That's what we call efficient work.

Get your free trial license.

Large surveying offices and many well-known companies such as Currenta successfully use the tool for recurring import processes on a daily basis.


Convince yourself of the efficiency of our software and request a free demo version.


You will receive a 30-day trial license of ImportPoints including detailed instructions for installation and operation.


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