Managed Testing Services save time, money and nerves.

MTS - Outsourcing that pays off.

Why does it make sense to let us execute software tests?

That way our customers can concentrate on their core business. Our Managed Testing Services offer in fact four advantages:

  • Reduce costs for test execution and test procedure maintenance
  • Avoid bottle-necks when accepting software
  • Relieve your colleagues of repetitive routine jobs
  • Achieve an optimal time-to-market

To ensure a smooth collaboration we develop a clear and understandable strategy. We then build the test infrastructure, if possible Cloud-based, take over all test tasks – on site, nearshore or offshore – and establish or expand procedures for test automation.

Test Automation

Software Tests run (almost) alone.

Cross your heart: how far has your organisation embraced test automation up to now? 

We help you to chose or develop appropriate automation tools. This way regressions tests in particular can run largely automated.

For us test automation is an integral part of software development processes. It is part of the quality optimisation and is closely tied in with requirements management and programming.

It is our aim to offer the best possible support for development processes and establish efficient and cost-effective solutions. That’s why we generate test procedures preferably on the basis of the requirements – using open source tools, where possible.

Load & Performance Tests – Fitness Checks for your Systems.

Balanced system utilization, fast response times and high system availability. All this is possible with procedures that we have established particularly in the context of Air Traffic Control. We put the system infrastructure to the acid test, advise our customers and evaluate or develop tools for the following tasks:

  • Definition of flexible load scenarios for an automated execution of tests
  • Detection of data influencing and determining performance
  • Test preparation, execution and postprocessing
  • Analysis and visualisation of test results

Assessments / Project Consultancy – future-oriented.

Tests are always especially expedient when the correct conclusions are drawn. For this reason we analyse the current test processes by using procedures and models on the market like TPI NEXT, TMMi, ITIL, Six Sigma or Spice.

We qualify all identified deficits with regard to cost/benefit, quality and time. Subsequently we produce a list of recommendations for short-, middle- and long-term courses of action for improvement – and all measurable with defined KPIs.


Ranging from Quick-Wins to long-term potential for optimisation – the measures suggested form the basis for continuing improvement of the test processes.


A further advantage of our analyses is the time flexibility.

They can be carried out independently of the phase of the product or life cycle of the IT application. Here it is often advisable to set up an autonomous optimization project to enable control of the progress and success. No matter what your position, it is never too late to improve test processes and software quality!



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