IT with IQ.

Growing IT competence. Consistently high quality.

30 years ago TBiQ was formed as a one-man company for software development. Since then much has happened and we have changed a lot. Having expanded to a staff of 10, we are now active in two business areas. In the first we primarily support Air traffic control organisations in the areas quality control as well as optimisation and automation of test and acceptance procedures.

Our second business area is the processing, analysis and visualisation of Geodata. Here as well the focus of our work is Air traffic control.

Although we have constantly been developing our skills and knowledge, one thing has not changed: our love of the work and desire for new challenges, projects and partnerships.

Our name is Program.

We love complex IT systems – and the challenge to improve them. Whether it’s Testing Services or Geoinformatics, we help our customers reduce costs, save time, reduce the workload of staff and bridge bottlenecks by coming up with innovative ideas and high quality solutions, and that quickly and reliably, just as our motto says, „in Time, in Budget in Quality“ –  ...


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