Linear patterning in high-speed mode.

2D. 3D. Always A-plus! -
Automated patterning for MicroStation CONNECT.

We love to develop simple solutions for complicated challenges. For example, the TBiQ tool LinPatt3D. It helps you to create line patterns in 2D/3D drawing files without any effort and prevents a standard problem.

Usually in 3D drawing files the symbology of patterned line elements is displayed incorrectly when projected into the XY plane (e.g. for plotting or top view). But not with LinPatt3D. Our tool takes into account a correct 2D output already during the generation of the sampled elements.


LinPatt3D convinces by its simplicity, is very flexible due to the use of a configuration file and can be seamlessly integrated into any MicroStation acquisition and processing environment.

Optimally tuned to your needs.

With LinPatt3D you create your patterns in any number of drawing files most efficiently.

After startup, the tool batch processes all linear elements of a design file to be patterned. The following types are allowed: Lines, Line Strings, Curves, Connected Strings and Complex Shapes.

The pattern is derived from appropriately designed cells of a pattern cell library. In a parameter file, the level symbology of the line elements to be patterned, the corresponding cell from the cell library, and various control parameters (scale, type) are specified. Sounds complicated, but it's not.

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Do you regularly need to create line patterns in 2D or 3D drawing files? Then take a look at our handy tool for creating these elements fully automatically. The work life can be so hassle-free.


Convince yourself of the efficiency of our software and request a free demo version.


You will receive a 30-day trial license of LinPatt3D including detailed instructions for installation and operation.


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