Two areas of operations, one promise:
Best service.

With certainty the fitting solution.

TBiQ provides you unrivalled expertise in two areas of the IT map at once.

While our quality assurance experts concentrate on efficient and effective test processes, error-free software and IT systems with a high level of availability, our Geoinformatics professionals are engaged in the generation, processing, analysis and presentation of Geoinformation.

Discover in detail
which services we offer:

Managed Testing Services

Tailored, effective, cost-effective. More and more companies and organisations are outsourcing quality control of their IT systems.

Whether it’s test processes, test management, test automation or load and performance tests – as independent and experienced specialists we support our customers with their running applications as well as with new IT projects.

GIS Consulting

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are complex software programs to present digital data and maps of diverse areas and subjects.

Moreover, with analytical linking it is possible to generate completely new information and to model spatially significant processes. We are your sherpas to guide you on the best possible path to generate information and knowledge from spatial data.


The set of GIS products, GeoMedia from the company Hexagon, make it possible to merge data from diverse sources, analyse it all and thus gain valuable information.

Years of experience with GeoMedia have given us profound knowledge of this powerful GIS. Furthermore we offer development of GeoMedia software and support you and your staff with GeoMedia training courses and application-specific workshops.


Stabile, robust, highly functional – MicroStation from the firm, Bentley Systems, is one of the world-wide most used base CAD programs.

Working for many years with MicroStation we have gained extensive knowledge of its application and the development of productivity-boosting Add-ons. Knowledge from which you, as our customers, can profit. With regards to MicroStation software development, training and workshops, with us you are at the right address.


WebGIS are Geoinformation systems that are available as web application in a browser. Their intuitive handling and focussed range of functions make them very attractive for many, even for users not acquainted with Geodata.

We apply ourselves intensively with the development, provision and operation of WebGIS applications for various branches and are thus pioneers for free access to high quality Geodata.

Individual Software

We love standards. But we also appreciate individual solutions as long as they offer the greatest advantages for an organisation.

Talk to us about your pain points, ideas and visions. We will work out together with you realistic plans and support you, if desired, up to the implementation of the application. Of course, you profit afterwards from our tailored support.

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