GIS Consulting -
Without Detours to Success.

Stirring up the business world.
Integrate Geoinformation and evaluate it.

Geodata is a world in itself. And a great chance for companies. Who intelligently links spatial data, obtains reliable and valuable information that serves as basis for decision making for processes involving planning, construction and maintenance. Our services make it easier for you to integrate your valuable Geodata into the daily business processes.

We give you independent advice to optimize your CAD and GIS environment. We are just as familiar with the solutions of the large manufacturers, Esri and Hexagon, as we are with the alternatives from the open source world. Our aim is to find the best solution for your requirements.

Longing for
optimized CAD and GIS environments?

That can happen in the best companies.
Whether it’s GIS or CAD, when every department goes its own way a project can easily drift off course. Interdisciplinary use and view of the data disappear behind the horizon. We offer the roadmap to achieve our target together.

Thanks to our many years of experience we have already been able to help many customers to simplify or improve processes and data streams or make them possible in the first place. Communication and acceptance are thereby decisive factors. For this reason we get all stakeholders on board from the start and with an agile process model develop an optimal solution to suit all needs.

Manage, analyse, present. Geodata is our world.

We are as familiar with spatial data as the back of our hands. We are experienced experts and reliable partners when it’s about extensive Geodata from different sources: together we can manage, visualize and make the data available for a wide range of enquiries.

We use Geo-databases like Oracle, SQL Server or PostGIS and present, visualize and analyse Geodata with the help of GIS servers, WebGIS solutions or GeoPDF.


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