Individual software -

Flexible and perfectly tailored to fit your needs.

Your process flows could be significantly improved with a software solution, but you don't have the personnel or know-how to implement it?

Does your IT landscape really support your organisation optimally or is it (partly) outdated?

Up to now is real digitalisation in your organisation just wishful thinking or already reality?


Standard software can help you find answers to these questions and provide solutions. But when, for example, it’s about really optimal processes or competitive advantages through unique features, individual software will give you a decisive edge.


The advantages at a glance.

Individual software is always a good option when

  • Solutions are needed that exactly meet the company’s own needs and requirements.
  • Software is to be adapted to your processes and not the other way around.
  • You value short training times and high acceptance among staff.
  • You need fast response times for changes and direct support (possibly 24/7) for problems and questions.
  • You would always like to have the same contact persons so you can communicate with them on a high professional level.

Contact us if standard software is not available for your requirements or your expectations are not fulfilled to an adequate degree. We will find the individual software solution for your organisation.

Many possibilities.
No risk.

Whether it’s mobile apps, web- or local applications, stand alone or connected to existing applications – we have the correct procedure so that your project does not become an adventure.

The actual approach depends on the type and size of your undertaking. To make the process transparent and time-saving we agree requirements and approach individually with you beforehand.

We guarantee perfectly functioning results by

  • assuring the completeness, clarity and correctness of your requirements
  • the use of modern software technologies
  • advanced and extensive (possibly automated) test methods.

So provisions can be made at any time for modifications to the development process and thereby keep the project cost-effective and on time, we practice transparent reporting and (where appropriate) agile procedures.

Deployment in a safe environment.

If you wish, your individual software (and the corresponding databases) can run locally. But we are happy to offer you the hosting on our servers or to implement a Cloud solution with well-known and cost-effective providers. We determine the solution most suitable for you and – as soon as possible – present it to you in the course of the development work.

The final decision is taken, of course, by you.

Fully documented & ready for operational use.

Green light for a new individual software experience. To ensure everything runs by itself, at the end of the development you receive complete specialist and technical documentation for your application, which you can implement and apply without any external support.

Naturally we are also available after project completion for further questions. In addition, we are more than willing to come to an agreement with you about maintenance and support if you don’t wish to take over the software yourself or hand it over to a third party.


Your contact partner

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