Complex geometries simplified simplier.

Reduce vertex density in lines.

Whether natural structures or precisely constructed building complexes – newly created or imported geometries often contain a large number of support points. With SimplifyLine you can now reduce and standardize this support point density according to your specifications.

Lines often contain significantly more support points than are necessary for their characteristic shape. Does this density of support points often cause problems for subsequent processes or exports to other systems? With TBiQ and SimplifyLine you are well prepared for this.


SimplifyLine impresses with its simple operation and high performance. As an MDL, it can be seamlessly integrated into any MicroStation environment.

SimplifyLine makes it easy for you.

SimplifyLine uses the Douglas Peucker implementation of the Boost C++ Libraries. You select the elements to be simplified individually or in a selection set and specify a tolerance value that determines which support points are characteristic of your geometry and which can be deleted. You are in control of the result: based on your technical specifications, decide whether the level of simplification is sufficient for you or whether you would like to readjust it.

Our tool processes open and closed lines. These lines can also occur in complex elements such as ComplexStrings or ComplexShapes (including their holes). Circular sections and curves cannot be improved any further. These remain exactly as they are. The representation and other properties of the simplified Microstation elements are also not changed. The start and end points always remain unchanged.

Get your free trial license.

Customers such as the German Air Traffic Control in Frankfurt are already successfully using the tool to create precisely tailored maps.


Convince yourself of the efficiency of our software and request a free demo version.


You will receive a 30-day trial license of SimplifyLine including instructions for installation and operation.

Available for MicroStation CONNECT and MicroStation 2023.


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